Ford NH TJ Series

This kit is for the Ford NH TJ series tractors. The base kit is for tractors that have 2 OEM HID lights on the rear fenders if you do not have the HID lights, you can add 2 extra lights to the kit for a total of 10 lights. Also included 3 sets of 885 LED bulbs for the front grill.
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New Holland TJ series LED light kit 


This kit is for the New Holland TJ series tractors. It includes LED replacement bulbs for the 5 grill lights, we suggest leaving the road lights as halogen therefore only 5 (6) bulbs included. 2 x LED-660 25° for the front top cab, 4 x LED-660 40° for the rear cab, and 2 LED-660 80° for the rear fenders. 

You can add 2 x LED-660 60° for the rear fenders if you need those - if you have HID lights on the fender, we suggest you leave those on the tractor until they fail.

The LED lights used are the LED-660 series lights, this is a 4100 lumen effective light. 

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