Gleaner - R42 / R52 / R62 / R72

Gleaner - R42 / R52 / R62 / R72 series combine light upgrade. Only for models with replaceable SP11 bulbs. Please check your combine before ordering. Converts the halogen SP11 bulb to an LED SP11 bulb.
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Gleaner -  R42 / R52 / R62 / R72 series combine light upgrade.

 As Gleaner is new to us, please verify that your combine currently uses an SP11 halogen bulb before ordering. Some models use a 1.5" "ball" mount for the lower cab lights, if this is needed please select above.

This kit is for the Gleaner combines using the built in cab lights, (R42 s/n >43001 and R52 s/n >53001) All R62 to R72. For older combines using the round 4.5" light, please check here :  Older Gleaner

We use high power LED bulbs to convert the OEM lights to LED, it is as simple as changing a bulb, just remove the OEM halogen bulb, install the LED bulb, spread the cooling cables on the rear of the bulb, connect power and you are done. 

You can add the 2 stubble lights / lower cab lights if needed, we recommend adding the lights as they work really well. 

About the LED bulbs/kits :

The latest LED bulb model P70 is a 6600 lumen, 5500k bulb that uses an innovative cooling system, no fan is needed, no more trouble with led bulbs overheating. The bulb uses a braided copper ribbon cable instead of cooling fins or a fan. Compare the 6600 lumens to the 1000-1600 lumen in your halogen lights. Have had a customer that got 9 bulbs replaced and have radio interference - but when tested here (1 bulb) we did not have any interference. So we now only recommend using 2 kits (4 bulbs) on a vehicle.

Lights used in this kit: 

LED Bulbs



Gleaner, R42, R52, R62, R72

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