Larsen LED kit made to fit JD 8x20 / 8x30 Series with Thomas HP-5 work lights.

JD 8x20 series LED light upgrade. 4 hood lights, 2 front cab, and 4 rear lights included. Add 2 extra front cab lights and / or top cab sidelights if needed. In this kit we are using the 5000 lumen Thomas HP-5 lights on the cab.
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Larsen LED kit made to fit JD 8x20  / 8x30 Series with Thomas HP-5 work lights.


Includes connectors that fit the 20 and 30 series JD.

Standard kit is 10 lights total, 2 x LED-652 Hi-Lo for headlights, 2 x LED-392 for grill flood lights,  2 x HP-5 60° flood for the front cab, 2 x HP-5 60° flood for the fender lights and 2 x HP-5 40° trapezoid beam lights for the rear cab. The HP-5 used in this kit is a 5000 effective lumen light at 5700k.

Add 2 cab sidelights if needed.

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fits : JD, 8120, 8120T, 8220, 8220T, 8320, 8320T, 8420, 8420T, 8520, 8520T, 9120,9220, 9320, 9320T, 9420, 8130, 8230, 8230T, 8330, 8330T, 8430, 8430T, 8530, 9230, 8230T, 9330, 9330T, 9430, 9430T, 9530, 9530T, 9630, 9630T



Larsen LED kit made to fit JD 8x20  / 8x30 Series with Thomas HP-5 work lights. - QrCodeImage
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