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About Us

Welcome to Larsen Lights !
If you did not find the work light you were looking for, please come back soon to find the hid work lights you need, at the right price.

Larsen Lights opened at the end of 2010. After searching for HID work lights for the farm, unable to find any decent light for under $200 - $450 (1 pc.) I decided to make my own ! Well - you can do that, but it's a tight fit stuffing a hid light bulb, ballast and starter into an existing housing. So I found suppliers in China and are now importing the work lights I like the best for farming and construction.

I have tested my lights for radio interference and found none, Both Am & Fm channels came in fine.
In some cases there is interference with the am-fm band, in that case moving the HID lights away from the radio and antenna might help. A different antenna and cable might do the trick, or changing the radio if the model has poor shielding.

We have tried the Greenstar GPS system and Trimble GPS systems while the lights were on, and they did not interfer.

Spare Parts ??  The life time on a Hid light bulb is expected to be in the 2500 - 3000 hour range. So you might never need a part ! Other factores might change the life time, like numbers of on/off cycles.

All work lights are ready to install - just provide 12V power. The 35W 12V systems use 6.0A at start up and 3.5A continuously. A 55W 12V system is up to 10 A at start up and 5.0A continuously. A regular 55W halogen on 12V is 4.5A

To find the right wire size go to :

Please turn off HID work lights while on the highways - the light is VERY bright and can blind other motorists.

Feel free to contact me, you can find my contact info under "contact us" on the home page.

Kenny Larsen