4930 Sprayers

Larsen LED kit made to fit JD 4930 Sprayers


This kit includes 2 x LED-652 hi-lo lights for the front grill, 2 x LED-392 flood for the grill lights, 1 x LED-392 spot for the center grill light, 2 x LED-666 40° for the lights mounted on the front suspension, 2 x LED-660 60° for the top cab sidelights, 2 x LED-666 60° and 2 LED-666 80° for the lower boom lights. 

If you need 4 lights for the top cab sidelights, 2 extra lights can be added to the kit.

Lights used in this kit: LED-652 Hi-Lo   LED-392 Flood    LED-392 Spot    LED-666

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Larsen LED kit made to fit JD 4930 Sprayers.

LED light kit for JD 4930 sprayers. This kit will replace the 2 headlights, the 2 small grill lights, and all 8 oval work lights. If your sprayer has 4 top cab lights you can add 2 extra lights for the top cab lights as only 2 lights are included in the base kit. If you need the center grill spotlight, please add it below.