LED Headlights

Headlight must be securely mounted and properly aimed such that the beam pattern "cut off line" complies with all applicable regulations, if you are not familiar with the legal requirements for aiming your headlights , please see a professional service provider, we recommend that headlight are aimed with a headlight aiming system for proper alignment.

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5 3/4 inch Hi-Lo headlight DOT

This is a 5 3/4" round Hi-Lo headlight. H4 plugin. DOT

4" x 6" Premium LED Projector Headlight, model H25LED

4" x 6" DOT approved United Pacific LED headlight, Hi-Lo beam. Can also be used as Low beam only or High beam only.

4x6 LED Headlight Hi-Lo, model 31365

DOT approved United Pacific LED headlight, Hi-Lo beam.
$165.00 $130.00

4x6 LED Headlight Low beam, model 31396

DOT approved LED headlight, Low beam.
$150.00 $112.00

4x6 LED Headlight High beam, model 31397

DOT approved LED headlight, High beam.
$150.00 $112.00

LED 5" x 7" Crystal Headlight - Hi-Lo model 31297

5x7 inch DOT LED Headlight. Price is for 1 light.
$172.00 $154.00

7" Round LED Hi-Lo Headlight, model 31391

DOT Approved headlights for trucks and cars/pickups using the standard 7" round Hi-Lo headlight. Price is for 1 light.
$165.00 $140.00