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55 Series

Info about the kits :

Note that the 55 series JD does not have a 3 wire Hi-Lo beam - instead, they use a 2 wire single beam bulb, and create the Hi-Lo effect by lowering the voltage to the lights. We use the trapezoid / 40° Par-36 in the kits - please just connect the 2 wires to the (H) high and (G) ground spade on the back of the light.

The LED Par-36 uses female spade terminals to connect to the wires (included). 12-24 volt. 3-year warranty. The standard Par-36 halogen is around 400-800 lumen, the standard LED is 1400 lumen each light, and the high output is 1700 lumen effective / 2200 raw. We work with REAL lumen & amp draw, not a calculated number.

Video of installation from a customer: Install    and    Lights in use

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Larsen LED PAR-36 kit for JD 4x55 series tractors. 6 or 8 x PAR-36 lights included, and the front nose cone lights can be added.
$252.20 $260.00
Larsen LED GOLD kit for JD 4x55 series tractors. This kit is a complete light replacement kit - 8 x LED-408U lights included and LED 2x5 for the front nose cone. The LED-408U is a 3200 lumen light. Badly rusted housings on the tractor? No problem - this kit replaces it all. Note: The lights do not include connectors, you will have to use your own or splice the wires.
$450.08 $464.00
LED 2x5 LED light for the top front cab on the 7000-8000 series tractor, and front hood light on older JD’s, 55 and 60 series. 50° beam pattern. 1700 effective lumen.
HO Par-36
30 watt PAR-36 size replacement LED light for the old style sealed beam halogen light. 6 x 5 watt CREE LED chips. Actual power use is around 22 watt, effective lumen around 1700. Available beam types are 60° flood, 40° beam, Hi-Lo beam, and Spot beam.
40w Par-36
High power 40 watt PAR-36 size replacement LED light for the old style sealed beam halogen light. 4 x 10 watt LED chips. This light will only fit in normal full size housings with rubber grommets due to large cooling fins. Also it will NOT fit in the new plastic housings used on some later model JD's. This light has a temperature sensor that will limit the power of the light if the temperature gets too high. Max effective lumen 2800 - minimum effective lumen 2200.
PAR-36 size replacement LED light, this model has a lens that looks like the halogen lights, makes it appear as OEM. 60° Flood Beam. 1400 lumen, 30 watt rated / 18 watt use.
PAR-36 size replacement LED light for the old style sealed beam halogen light. 5-watt CREE LED chips. Actual power use is around 18 watts, effective lumen around 1400, raw lumen around 2200.
PAR-36 size replacement LED light for the old style sealed beam halogen light. 20° Spot Beam. 1450 lumen, 30 watt rated / 18 watt use.
A steel housing with a single bolt for mounting in the fenders on some tractors. Rubber grommet included.
Rubber grommet for the PAR-36 size lights. 3 tabs lock onto the OEM Hobbs housing. Not for the front fender lights. Replaces JD part# R42689.
PAR-36 size rubber housing. Simple rubber housing with a steel mounting bracket.
Bezel for the LED 2x5 lights
LED-91, amber with a built-in resistor. No need for special LED flasher relays! This model fits Sound guard cabs and older Steigers.
LED Tail Light for John Deere Tractors. 3 wire light, including tail and stop light function. The eyelet is the ground, the brown wire is the tail light, and the yellow wire is for the stop light (if equipped). OEM Replacement: John Deere: AR78825, RE39223.
The LED-408U is a complete LED light that can replace OEM PAR-36 style lights. It includes hardware for all 3 locations on a JD SG cab, in front fenders, top of rear fender, and top rear cab. 3200 lumen vs. the OEM lights at 600 lumens. This light uses 3D reflector cups for the best light output.
Par-36 "Guide" Glare Guard. OEM Part# R54047, R71234
A Round 40-watt CREE LED light. Works as a replacement for Par-36 style lights. Fantastic light output!. 60° Flood beam. Price is for one light only, the 2 lights show the 2 style rubber grommets that are included. This model 408 is the one that looks most like the old halogen.