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Featured products

JD 2 x 5 LED Light, 20 watt

LED light for top cap on the 8000 series tractor, and hood light on 55/60 series JD.

Wireless Digital Camera System - DM700

Wireless Digital Camera system. Crystal clear image, no snow or interference on display. Up to 1500+ range.

460pc Weather Pack Sealed Connector Wiring Kit.

460pc Weather Pack Sealed Connector Wiring Kit.

7" Round LED Hi-Lo Headlight

DOT Approved headlights for trucks and cars/pickups using the standard 7" round Hi-Lo headlight.

Digital Wireless Receiver with Digital Camera

Add Digital wireless cameras to any display. Perfect picture quality, long range. Works on Trimble, JD, Cab Cam and other displays with the right adaptor cable.

LED 50

Nice 4x6 style LED light, 5 CREE LED's x 10 watt. Great wide flood light.
$85.00 $76.50

LED 60, Flood / Pencil beam

60 watt flood or pencil beam, 90 degree flood light. LED light for distance ! LED at HID level.
$116.00 $99.00

LED-630 Ball mount, JD

Perfect size light with the ball mount for JD tractors. 60° flood, 6 x 5 watt CREE LED's, 5200 kelvin, 2700 lumen effective.
From $76.00

LED-845 / LED-845-2 CaseIH / JD & more

4 x 6 style, 45 watt LED 60° flood light. 15 x 3 watt Epistar LED's. Now available with a bracket that makes the light fit perfect on many CaseIH an JD tractors + many others using a 30 mm clamp style bracket.
From $64.00

Osram Style D1 ballast for CaseIH© and other OEM.

Replacement ballast for CaseIH© HID work lights.

PAR-36, 4.5" LED 18 watt LED light.

PAR-36 size replacement LED light for the old style sealed beam halogen light. Flood, trap or 20° spot beam. Add a rubber housing for a complete light. 1450 lumen, 18 watt rated, 1.05 amp / 13 watt use.
From $6.00

SF 18 HID, Wide Flood

4 inch light. The best wide flood light. Very nice light pattern, Great on tractors and combines. 55 watt.
$68.00 $63.50

Strobe light, ES48000

4 or 6 LED Strobe light, ULTRA BRIGHT... 3 types - 4 White LED's, 4 Amber LED's, 2 White and 2 Amber LED's. Do not use White Strobes facing rear, only Amber.
From $26.50

WIFI Camera for Ipad / Android

WiFi camera for Android phones and tablets, Ipad and Iphones. Direct link to the phone or tablet, or use router and internet for long distance surveillance.

Weather Pack Sealed Connector kit

Weather Pack Sealed Connectors. Complete kits or single connectors.
From $1.21