Larsen LED for Ford NH Tractors

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Ford NH 9x8x series Option 1

This kit is for the Ford NH 9x8x series tractors. It includes 10 lights, if your tractor have the 4 cab lights, you can add them below.

Ford NH Genesis Series

This kit is for the Ford NH 8x70 series Genesis tractors. 1996 and up. It includes LED lights for the 4 rear work lights and the front upper 2 cab lights. Select headlight type and extra lights if needed. Plug and play.

Ford NH TJ Series

This kit is for the Ford NH TJ series tractors. The base kit is for tractors that have 2 OEM HID lights on the rear fenders if you do not have the HID lights, you can add 2 extra lights to the kit for a total of 10 lights. Also included 3 sets of 885 LED bulbs for the front grill.

LED-1351, Ford NH Genesis Headlight set.

Right and left side complete LED headlights for the NH Genesis and Versatile tractors. 10000 lumen. Plug and play. Hy-Capacity brand.


LED-2206 is an amber rectangular signal light used on CaseIh, IH, FNH, Versatile/Buhler and more. Replaces OEM Part Numbers: 92185C1, 216044C91, 216044C92, 92260C1, 130882C91, 107324C91, V93104, V77050, 9706415, 86014019, 86023276, 86016518, 86012669, 87053368, 83977683, & 8770630