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9x50/60 series combine with rectangular cab lights

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For JD 50 series combines with rectangular headlights, this kit will convert the 6 cab lights and the unload auger light to LED using complete LED lights. The cab lights are 3750 effective lumen each, and the auger light (PAR-36) 1400 lm. 23900 effective lumen total.
$274.51 $283.00
For JD 60 series combines with rectangular headlights, this kit will convert 4 cab lights to LED using complete LED lights. You can add 2 more if all 6 need replacement. The light for the lower cab & unloading auger are included. Connectors on the 3 oval lights will be the 880 series unless you contact us with other instructions. Note that some late models use Oval lights on the cab, if this is the case you need the 70 series kit. 36900 effective lumen if all 6 cab lights + 3 work lights are included.
$593.64 $612.00
Cab lights for the 9000 series JD combine using a rectangular light on the cab - fits any vehicle using the JD9000 series cab. Use the combo beam for most distance, we suggest 2 combo beam and 4 flood beam for the combines.
From $64.00
An LED replacement light for JD combines with the rectangular row finder light mounted in the grain tank on the right and left sides. The price is for one light. Updated model for better light aim, and easier install.
24 Watt Oval LED work light. Now includes H11 connector (same as 880 series bulb connector) so the light will plug and play on most tractors and combines using the same size light.
The LED-827 flood is an oval 27 watt 2100 lumen flood light that works well on smaller tractors and on combines for stubble, discharge, and auger light. Comes with an H11 / 880 series connector, this is the connector commonly used on this size light, and is the same connector as used on a 885 or 886 bulb. (880 series bulbs)
LED-845 series.
4 x 6 style, 45 watt LED 60° flood light. Flood beam is made in the lens for a wider pattern than the 845-2. Standard bracket.
From $44.00
PAR-36 size replacement LED light for the old style sealed beam halogen light. 5-watt CREE LED chips. Actual power use is around 18 watts, effective lumen around 1400, raw lumen around 2200.
The LED-20 is a very small light, but with 2 10 watt CREE led chips, it has a great light output. So small it fits almost anywhere. Excellent on combine headers for stubble light.