New Style Case IH Headight kit, 3 lights

Set of right and left headlight and the center light for the new style CIH tractors, & Sprayers.
Manufacturers: Hy-Capacity , Hy-Capacity , Hy-Capacity
SKU: HA87309032 KIT
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New Style Case IH Headlight kit, HA87309032 


Turn heads and illuminate the fields ahead with these ultra-white LED front grille corner lamps. This lamp has been designed with larger cooling fins to dissipate heat & will provide you triple the light output! Recommended for off-road applications.

Includes HA87309032 KIT (2 headlights) and 1 x HA87455676 (center lights)

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Product Specs

  • Beam Style Hi-Lo Beam & Flood/Spot Combo
  • Diode ManufacturerCREE LED
  • Installation Plug & Play Connection; Minor Modifications Possible
  • Lens Material Polycarbonate
  • Location Utilizes Original Mounts
  • Lumen Range 10,000 +
  • New/Reman New
  • Raw Lumens 8000/13500
  • Sold AsPkg. of 3
  • Volts 9-32V
  • Waterproof Rating IP67
  • Watts 90

SPRAYER, 2240 Patriot, 2250 Patriot Tier 4B, 3240 Patriot Tier 4B, 3340 Patriot Tier 4B, 4440 Patriot, 5550 Trident
TRACTOR, 180 Magnum Tier 4, Small Frame, 190 Magnum Tier 4, Small Frame, 200 Magnum Tier 4B, 210 Magnum Tier 4, Small Frame, 215 Magnum, 220 Magnum Tier 4B, 225 Magnum Tier 4, Small Frame, 235 Magnum Tier 4A, 240 Magnum Tier 4B, 245 Magnum, 250 Magnum Tier 4B, 255 Magnum, 260 Magnum Tier 4A, 275 Magnum, 280 Magnum Tier 4B, 290 Magnum Tier 4A, 305 Magnum, 310 Magnum Tier 4B, 315 Magnum Tier 4A, 335 Magnum, 340 Magnum Tier 4A, 370 Magnum Tier 4A, 380 Magnum Tier 4B, MX215, MX245, MX275, MX305, 450 - Eff. Yr 3/14, Eff. Yr 4/11-12/14 Tier 4B, 470 Tier 4B, Eff. Yr 3/14, 

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Existing reviews
Good purchase
The lights installed easily and fit well.  While they are expensive, they seem to be manufactured well.  We have had numerous neighbors call during harvest to ask " What on earth kind of lights do you have on that tractor? ". The guys running the combine and cotton stripper have had to look down when he's coming at them, to keep from being blinded!  If the bulbs have the lifespan they should, it will be a good purchase and investment.  We will be purchasing others in the future.
Kody Carsen | 11/20/2019 3:37 PM
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5.0 1
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Raw Lumens 8000/13500
Installation Plug & Play Connection; Minor Modifications Possible
Beam Style Hi-Lo Beam
Lumen Range 10000 +
New/Reman New
Location Center Headlamp
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Volts 9-32V
Sold As Kit
Waterproof Rating IP67
Beam Style Flood/Spot Combo
Location Corner Headlamp
Beam Style Flood Beam
Diode Manufacturer CREE LED
Watts 90
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Case IH +
Steiger +
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