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CIH Front top cab light and turn signal - HA44995036 KIT

HA44995036 KIT - for the top front-facing cab lights on some CIH Magnums, JX, MX, MXM and Patriot sprayers. Check the model list in the description before ordering. Set of 2.

LED-0091, Amber Cab Light, AR60250 / Flasher for JD 30/40/50/55/60 series

This model fits Sound Guard Cabs, and 4wd Steiger. Includes Stainless Steel Hardware.


Set of 2 amber flashers (right and left) for JD and NH


LED-2206 is an amber rectangular signal light used on CaseIh, IH, FNH, Versatile/Buhler and more. Replaces OEM Part Numbers: 92185C1, 216044C91, 216044C92, 92260C1, 130882C91, 107324C91, V93104, V77050, 9706415, 86014019, 86023276, 86016518, 86012669, 87053368, 83977683, & 8770630. Note that you might need resistors or a LED flasher relay for this to work. Relay is the best option, but it will only work if your model uses a similar flasher relay - please check.


Set of 2 amber flashers (right and left) for JD tractors, 7000/8000 series.

LED-2210 SPECIAL - Early model

Set of 2 amber flashers (right and left) for JD tractors, 7000/8000 series. For this "Special" model you will need to grind a plastic lip down around the screw holes in the cab, see pictures.

TL6130 rear flasher set - Right and Left

LED Light for direct replacement, Plug & Play. Light will bolt right into factory light housing. This light is the Rear corner amber light. The amber light has a built in resistor to work with original factory flasher. Replaces Case/IH Part Number: 279223A1 & 279224A1. Tiger Lights


LED Amber Cab Light, replaces OEM Part Numbers: RE217551, AT151873, & AT326622. Direct fit, Plug & Play. Includes Stainless Steel Hardware. Tiger lights