Kit 1: CaseIH 5088 - 6088 - 7088 series LED light upgrade (LED bulbs for cab lights)

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Larsen LED kit for CaseIH 5088 - 6088 - 7088 Series combines, this kit will update the OEM lights to LED. 9 lights in the kit, add more if needed. This kit uses replacement bulbs for the cab lights, not complete lights.
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Full Description

Larsen LED kit for CaseIH 5088 - 6088 - 7088 series combines light upgrade. (Bulbs)


This kit will convert the 6 lights on the top front cab from halogen bulbs to LED bulbs. The model we use is the LHB-B40 LED bulb, a 4800 lumen, 5500-6000k bulb, and the P70, a 6600-lumen bulb for the floodlights. This bulb type utilizes a braided copper cable as a cooling element. This bulb will stay cool and keep working at full power!

Install is easy, remove the halogen bulb - install the LED bulb and connect the harness. Un-fold the braided cable for max exposure to air for best cooling.

Have had a customer that got 9 bulbs replaced and have radio interference - but when tested here (1 bulb) we did not have any interference. So we now only recommend using 2 kits (4 bulbs) on a vehicle, or use the complete lights instead.

Lights used in this kit can be found in "Related Products" below.

CIH, 5088, 6088, 7088, 7120, 7130, 7230, 8010, 8120, 8230, 9120, 9130, 9230.


Kit 1: CaseIH 5088 - 6088 - 7088 series LED light upgrade  (LED bulbs for cab lights) - QrCodeImage
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