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A/C Recharge Station

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TEXA 3M AC Extension Hose Kit
The Ideal Solution for R134a Recovery and Recharge! The KONFORT 750R is fully automatic and makes the entire recharge process quick and easy. Once you have selected the make and model, the KONFORT machine automatically performs all the necessary operations, including oil and UV tracer injection. The refrigerant is recovered with maximum efficiency and any possible issue is indicated by clear error messages. The KONFORT 750R is designed for maximum practicality. Routine maintenance tasks like changing the oil and filter-hydrator are quick and easy. Extreme precision is guaranteed by an electronic refrigerant scale that operates to a maximum weight error of +/-5 grams (0.18 Oz). The same scale automatically and continuously monitors the station’s own circuits for possible internal leaks.
The KONFORT 750R can be equipped with a practical and functional thermal printer. This extremely useful option lets you print out a report of the work performed at the end of the service. The report lists details like the quantity of refrigerant recovered, the type of oil injected into the system and the final pressure in the A/C system after recharging.