LED Bulbs

High Power LED Bulbs - Red Tail series

The "Red Tail" series of LED bulbs utilize a braided cobber cable for heat dissipation, there is no fan that can fail, and no radio interference. 

We just now had a customer that got 9 bulbs replaced and have radio interference - but when tested here (1 bulb) we did not have any interference. So we now only recommend using 2 kits (4 bulbs) on a vehicle.

We recommend using this bulb type in areas with no airflow, example - lights that are built into a combine cab.

Replace your halogen or HID bulb with LED High power bulbs. Enjoy low power draw, great white light with less blue rays than HID, cuts thru dust better than HID and Halogen.

There are 2 bulbs in a kit. This bulb type requires 3-4" of space behind the light for the cooling system to fit.


Power: 40W x 2 bulbs
Light Source: Customized LED Chips
Voltage: Wide Voltage 12V 24V DC
IP Grade: IP 68
Color Temp.: 5600-6000k
Material: Aluminum+Red Copper
Dissipation: Combination of conduction & zero thermal resistance
Lumen: 4800LMx2
Working Life: ≥30000Hours
Working Temp.: -40℃~+80℃
Weight: 0.70kg/Set

One year warranty

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1 x set H11 LED Bulbs, 4800 Lumen, Red Tail series

H11 bulbs, set of 2. Picture not current.

1 x set 880 series LED Bulbs, 4800 Lumen, Red Tail series

880 series (880, 885, 886, 894 and more), set of 2

1 x set D1 & D2 LED Bulbs, 4800 Lumen, Red Tail series

D1 & D2 are the same bulbs, base looks different and the connector is different, comes without connector, call or email if you need a connector installed. Can not be used in free standing HID lights, but work great in place of HID systems in the front grill as a replacement for D1 and D2 HID bulbs. 2 bulbs in a kit.